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Columbia Station, Ohio, USA


Campanulastrum americanum - Tall Bellflower

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Campanulastrum americanum

Visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website to view a map indicating the natural range of Tall Bellflower
blue flowers with five petals that look like pin wheels
Campanulastrum americanum remind me of pinwheels

Wildlife Significance

Pollinators - Bumblebees, Leaf-cutting bee - those with long tongues

Nectar - Hummingbirds, small butterflies and bee

For more details on this plant visit Illinois Wildflower website

Provenance - Tall Bellflower -

NOG - 2019 gifted from local wildlife. Rocky River Nature Center 2020, gift several young plants, no seed produced, original source Archewild Native Nurseries, Pennsylvania

blue close buds of Tall Bellflower
Buds on Tall Bellflower
Cultivation Information

Height - 3 to 5 ft - 
Flower Color
- Blue with five petals that look like pin wheels
Blooms - July - October
Sun - Part shade
Soil - Medium to dry

Hardy Zone - 3 to 8

Family - Campanulaceae

Campanulastrum americanum look like blue starts
Campanulastrum americanum did well in a shady location
Propagation Information - Campanulastrum americanum

Stratification - Instructions indicate 30 days of cold moist storage. After drying, our seed was then added to a small bag of vermiculite and placed in refrigerator. It will be planted indoors February 2021. It has been our experience that in most cases, additional time in the cold storage does not effect germination. All of our seeds are put in cold storage at approximately that same date for no other reason other than convenience.