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Mimulus ringens - Monkey Flower

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Mimulus ringens

To view the natural range of Mimulus ringens visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website.
Seed looks like a pinky finger with long finger nails
Monkey Flower seeds marture in late fall

Cultivation Information - Mimulus ringens

1 to 3 ft
Flower Color - Pale Purple, light blue
Blooms - June - September

Sun - Full to part sun
Soil - Moist to wet - Obligated Wetland

Hardy Zone - 3 to 9

Propagates by seed (500 to 1000 seed) per capsule rhizomes

Ideal Location - Rain gardens and pond edges

Family - Phrymaceae (Lopseed)

delicatge Lavender on Monkey flower
Notice squre stem of Monkey Flower
Square stem of Monkey Flower
Square stem of Monkey Flower

Seed Provenance -

Native Bee-ginnings, Pennsylvania 2019, Nodding Onion Gardens 2020

Light blue flower with yellow center
Mimulus ringens

Wildlife Significance - Mimulus ringens

Pollination - Bumblebees

Nectar - Hummingbirds

Leaves - Nutrition for Geometrid moth caterpillar

Host Plant - For Caterpillars - Common Buckeye, Baltimore checkerspots, Oligophagous aphid
Deer - Not their first choice

For detailed information
geometrid moth caterpillar that looks like a long green stick but does not have legs
Geometrid moth caterpillar on Monkey Flower
Look Who Visited our Monkey Flower - 07-10-2020

Geometrid moth caterpillar. They are champion camouflagers! Not only do they have the ability blend into their surroundings, their physical strength is incredible! Imagine holding yourself in the same position for 6 hours or more. With the back “legs” (I doubt that is what they are called) adhere to the stem holding the body out like a branch. My guess is this goes on all day until dusk, once the sun begins to set it will once again enjoy the Monkey Flowers (Mimulus ringens) tenders.

I offered her: Black-eyed Susan's, Obendient Plant. Her preference - Monkey Flower

Propagation Notes -

Stratifying Seeds - Cold Moist Storage 60 days - do not cover seeds when planting as they need light to germinate

Seeds placed in Cold Moist Storage   

Supplies Needed For Seed Stratification -

1. Zip lock plastic bag

2. Few table spoons of Vermiculite

3. Dampened vermiculite - not soggy

4. Store in refrigerator for 60 days