Nodding Onion Gardens

Native Plant Nursery

Columbia Station, Ohio, USA

 Mertensia virginica Virginia Bluebells

Wildlife Significance
Nectar Source - Provides early spring nectar for humming birds, bee flies, butterflies, skippers, humming bird moths and Sphinx moths.

Pollinating -
Virginia Bluebells is the job for long-tongued bees,honeybees, bumblebees, Anthophorid bees, Mason bees, large Leaf-Cutting bees, and Miner bees.

For more detailed information visit Illinois Wildflower site.

Virginia Bluebells  - Ohio Woodland Plant

Seed Provenance -
Everwilde Farm's, WI

Root Stock - Hickory Road Gardens, WI

Cultivation Information
Virginia Bluebells
Height - 1–2½' ft
Flower Color
- Blue
Blooms - April to May (lasting three weeks)
Sun - Light shade part sun

Hardy Zone -

Soil - Moist and fertile
pH -
Family - Boraginaceae

Photo - Praire Moon Nursery

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range
Visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website to view a map indicating the natural range of Virginia Bluebells.
Propagation Notes -

Storage -
Cold dry - Everwilde Farm's seed packet indicated no pre-treatment needed - slow to germinate

Cold Storage -60 days - I choose to stratify seeds - small zip lock plastic bag with a few table spoons of  moistened vermiculite

Seeds planted - 2-8-2012

Sprouted - Nothing as of March 6, 2012

Night Temperature - 61 - 63°F

Day Temperature - 64 - 65°F -Under florescent lights