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Silene regia - Royal Catchfly

Catchfly - Nodding Onion Garden
Cultivation Information

Height - 2-4 feet
Flower Color - Red
Blooms - July - August
Sun - Full Sun
Hardy Zone - 4 - 9
Soil - Well drained
Family – Caryophyllaceae
Royal Catchfly
Royal Catchfly Jim Wohl
Natural Range of This Ohio Native Plant

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has a wonderful map showing the natural range of this plant

Ohio Department of Natural Resources list classifies Royal Catchfly as threatened
royal catchfly before it flowers
Royal Catchfly before it flower
Royal catchfly from Michigan wildflower gardens
Kathy's wildflower gardens in Michigan
Wildlife Significance

Nectar Source - Butterflies (Black Swallowtails)

- Hummingbirds

For more details on this plant visit the Illinois Wildflower site.
Silene regia - Royal Catchfly
Silene regia - Royal Catchfly
Seed Provenance -Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MN 2013 - NOG 2014 - present