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 Verbesina alternifolia - Wingstem

Verbesina alternifolia - Wingstem
Verbesina alternifolia - Wingstem
Cultivation Information
Flower Color - Yellow
Height - 6 - 8 feet
Blooms - July - October
Sun - Full/part shade
Hardy Zone -  5-9
Soil - moist - lots of organic material

Family - Asteraceae

wingsten growing near Alleghney River
Wingstem - Allegheny River Trail, PA
Abundance of Berries

Wingstem growing near my raspberries seemed to increase our bounty. Be causious where you plant Wingstem it truly  spreads like "wildflower"  
Rasberry jam
Look what happens when one raises native plants near the garden!
Rasberries flourished growing near Wingstem
Rasberries flourished growing near Wingstem

Wildlife Significance

Nectar -
Butterflies including the Pearl crescent, skippers, moths, long-tongued bees (bumblebees)

Pollen - long-tongued bees (bumblebees)

Host Plant - Pearl crescent caterpillar

Deer -  Not a favorite of this plant

For detailed information visit the Illinois Wildflower site

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

The United State Department of Agriculture and Natural Resource has a wonderful map showing the natural range of Wingstem

wingstem near soy field
B&O Richland Trail, Ohio - Wingstem growing near a soybean field.
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