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Solidago ohioensis - Ohio Goldenrod
Oligoneuron ohioense

Ohio Native - Plant Natural Range

Solidago ohioensis - Ohio Goldenrod

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has a wonderful map showing the natural range of Seedbox. This plant has a narrow range, having gifted itself to the Great Lakes area. Sadly, it is considered Threatened in the New York State.

Flowers still green on Ohio Goldenrod
Ohio Goldenrod ready to flower early summer 2020

Wildlife Significance

Followers Pollinated by - Honeybees, native bees

Nectar Nourishment -Butterflies, moths, beneficial wasps, Soldier beetles, locust borer adults

Solider beetles - Feed on both pollen in nectar. As beneficial predictor insects they earn their keep by feasting on aphids, caterpillar eggs and other garden pest.

Seed- Food for Goldfinches, Junco, Finches, Sparrows,

Insect Seed Dispersal – Don't jump the gun and blame Goldenrods on your fall allergies. The majority of their seed is insect pollinated, unlike wind dispersed Ragweed which is the true culprit of your discomfort.

Deer - Reports from customers revealed deer did graze on Ohio Goldenrod.
Propagation Notes -

Stratification - Cold moist storage 30 days -  These seeds need light to germinate so be-careful when plating not to cover them with soil. We used vermiculite to cold store our seed which doesn't seem to interfere with seed germination.

Seed Population - Each plant produces an estimate of 3,000 seeds. Since Goldenrod are self-incompatible you will need more than one plant to produce viable seed, then you will have more seed then you know what to do with.

Flowering Note - Our first year plants did not flower. Reddish, rhizomes attempting to escape from the bottom of their pots was proof that energy was being diverted to root growth. Which is a good thing as a healthy root system is one way to ensure plants survive their first winter!

Yellow flat flowers of Ohio Goldenrod
Ohio Goldenrod - Arron Carlson linked to source

Cultivation Information

Height - 3 to 4 feet -

Flower Color - Yellow -

Blooms - August - September

Sun - Part sun to light shade

Hardy Zone - 4 to 8

Soil - moist to wet, handles clay

Family – Asteraceae family

Goldenrod looks like blades of grass in early spring
Goldenrod early spring - 2020

Seed Provenance - NOG, 2019, present, Native Roots, Ohio 2017